Puget Sound Section


The Puget Sound Section Younger Chemists Committee (PSS YCC) was formed in December 2009.

Mission / Vision Statement

The Puget Sound Section YCC's vision is to lead younger and early-career chemists and chemical engineers into successful professional careers and into active roles in the ACS. The Puget Sound Section YCC means to accomplish this by providing ACS career resources to younger and early-career chemists and chemical engineers and by creating a network of younger chemical professionals in the Puget Sound area.

2016 Officer(s)

2016 Chair: Jonathan Clark 

Get Involved!

Come to a YCC event!  We have socials, meetings and volunteer opportunities!  The dates, times and locations will be posted on the Calendar as they become available.

Contact Info

If you are interested in participating in or organizing any of the YCC events, want to get added to our email list or wish to receive more information about the Puget Sound YCC, contact us at:   YCC@pugetsound.sites.acs.org        or        PugetSoundYCC@gmail.com